Telehealth is always in the pipeline of hospitals’ digital transformation, but COVID-19 accelerated its adoption. But how can hospitals safely and efficiently set up telehealth? What are the top considerations?


(TL) Dr. Alexander Yip, Clinical Director, Health Innovation and Technology & Deputy Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Alexandra Hospital

(BL) Dr. Ivan Chan, Director, Group Digital Office, National University Health System

(TR) John Masud Parvez, Group Chief Information Officer, Hoan My Medical Corporation

(BR) Dr. Jeffrey Staples, Group Chief Operating Officer, Metro Pacific Hospitals


Telehealth is always in the pipeline of hospitals’ digital transformation, but COVID-19 accelerated its adoption, to cope with the demand for more flexibility in providing care. While telehealth has been criticised for its lack of in-person interaction, it undoubtedly has its advantages especially when it comes to the continuity of care.

Now that hospitals are looking to speed up their digitalisation efforts, we have to keep in mind the key considerations in setting up telehealth. First is the vision behind this transformation. This will form the foundation in the development and realisation of telehealth. Likewise, the financial model needs to be realistic and we have to determine how we’re going to implement the system.

Do we want it in-house, outsourced, or be in partnership with a solutions provider? There is a need to look for the right licensing model when it comes to choosing a technology. There is also a need to consider the scalability of the system since technology is evolving fast.

Last but not least, there is a need to get buy-in from fellow stakeholders, especially users of the system. After all, it’s important to know if telehealth suits the organisation’s needs.

Key Takeaways

  1. The magic behind efficient telehealth systems is really getting buy-in from the users, as user experience is a core factor in measuring its success.
  2. First, we have to choose the platform, and then we have to customise it according to our workflow.
  3. Having a capable team to onboard telehealth is indispensable.


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